Drilling For Data

A case study on how Phase 2 Interactive is solving modern day problems in the Oil & Gas Industry with unique, sophisticated and user friendly software solutions.

A Common Dilemma

Current drilling software is overly complex and scattered across various platforms.

Drilling companies often struggle to access information they need to plan and manage drilling projects. Data is usually scattered, incomplete, and residing in overly complex software on a variety of platforms.


At the same time, customers expect instant, accurate, and detailed information. They ask questions such as, "How does the motor perform with oil vs. water-based mud?" or "How many horizontal well projects has the employee worked?" Customer expectations are sophisticated. They want to know, "Can we get well data electronically?"

Various Platforms

Over the years, drilling companies have collected a patchwork of software applications. Each stores data under its own definitions, maintains its own rules, and presents information through its own interface. Duplications of data and effort abound, and important information is not easy to access. Much of it is supplemented by spreadsheets and shared via email, only to get lost in various in-boxes. It is not engineered in a way to get work done efficiently or make information driven business decisions.

The P2 Solution

A simple, clean and practical interface that is customized to your company's needs.

Phase 2 Interactive develops software solutions to conveniently store and access all your vital information. Tailored to your operation, our approach creates a concise view of every aspect of a drilling operation, providing a user-friendly interface that's simple, clean and practical.


Phase 2 builds software for oil and gas drilling companies that migrates data into a data warehouse, tailoring the solution to the way you like to work. We create views of the data that correspond to the way you prefer to manage projects, operations and assets. This gives you a way to get work done efficiently. The following case study is an overview of one solution.

Who & How We Can Help

From the office to the field, we build software to make every day tasks easier and give clients an unprecedented view of their business.


Field Operators

Log drilling activity, rate of penetration, surveys, asset usage, and other operational information; all searchable in real time.


Immediate, real time access to information about drilling status, surveys, assets, on location conditions, billing, personnel schedules and more.


Dashboards quickly show: financial performance, equipment usage, equipment failures, and personnel utilization. See the most important information about your business at a glance.


Well Drilling

End to end well tracking from the bid to job completion. Quickly answer questions like: the percentage of bids won from a certain customer to the average cost per foot in a certain play.


Easily control equipment and personnel costs by having real time access to utilization information. View equipment and employee movement, as well as employee time and equipment usage.


Know every well, upcoming and historic, across your organization to accurately plan resources. Plan equipment repairs and assembly, control inventory and manage personnel movement.


Jobs Timeline

With the Jobs Timeline we created a view of all upcoming and active jobs. A quick glance down the page gives users all they need to know about the job schedule for the week. Hovering over the timeline for a job shows the billing for the day, the current measured depth, planned bottom hole location, and remaining footage. A click moves quickly from week to week, giving users an overview of any gaps that need to be filled with sales or resources.
Can you currently see your job schedule so easily?

Job Detail

The Job Detail view allows users to quickly see a summary of a job, including billing total, depth, and location. In addition to the summary, on the job timeline tab, users are able to compare daily billing to daily depth. Moving the eye down the page, per day, shows the comparison of actual productivity to the personnel on the job and their reported daily time.
Have you ever been able to see actual productivity on your jobs so clearly?

Utilization Dashboard

We built the Utilization Dashboard to put personnel utilization trends at a user's finger tips. A glance shows utilization for a district or across the entire organization. Another quick glance displays an overview of employee movement across districts, with the borrowed days chart, letting managers make data driven decisions about personnel movement and organization wide performance.
Are you able to see your personnel utilization and movement in real time?

Personnel Schedule

A year's worth of utilization, in a calendar heat map, gives coordinators a view of overall company performance. In addition, a monthly view of each employee's schedule and timesheets, allows them to easily manage personnel scheduling, across divisions and personnel skill sets.
How easily can you see and manage your personnel scheduling?

Asset Tracking

The Asset Tracking view was created to help our client see the status for every asset in their organization and its location, at all times. The asset tracking view gives managers critical status information about tools, empowering them to schedule jobs without wondering if they have all of the right equipment.
How would it help your organization to know the real time status of all your tools?

Asset Details

Knowing everything about assets, from a full history of asset movement, to the down hole environment, to failures and performance, is extremely important to our client's success. With the Asset Details view, the knowledge of the tools that run their business is available, in real time, helping them make the right decisions about equipment.
How would it change your asset decisions if you knew how well they performed down hole in different environments?

Field Software

Field personnel are empowered with easy to use tools, that not only makes entering all daily information easy, but also makes it easier to do their job successfully. From smart data entry, that makes each activity more accurate, to projected drilling targets which help drillers hit the mark, the field software helps Drilling and MWD personnel work smarter. With intelligent partially connected technology, field data is automatically pushed up to the office, keeping information about each job up to date, in near real time.
How would your job management change if you had current, accurate data, for every job?

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A Flexible UI That Goes Everywhere

We build software with flexibility in mind. Recognizing each user's device and changing the UI to fit.

Computers, over the years, have become more sophisticated, but also easier to use. A variety of devices now exist that give users access to powerful software, on the go. The full power of a laptop fits in your hand, the vast information on the web can go with you anywhere. Unfortunately, most drilling operation software is stuck on a desktop computer, trapping critical job, personnel, and asset information inside an old operating system. Keeping it far away from employees who are on the move.

Different & Modern

Our solution is different. We work with modern technology and design software specifically to work on mobile devices. We believe users should be empowered with easy to use software, that works well on devices they know and love. Your people are on the go, your software should move with them.

A Trusted Partner With A Proven Track Record

Our History

Founded by Mark Towler in the late 1990s, Phase 2 Interactive is an Oklahoma City-based software development company. For nearly 15 years, we have been on the leading edge of custom business software development and solutions. From smart phone and tablet software, to web application and enterprise software, our team works smart and hard to bring value to every customer experience.

Phase 2 has repeatedly been recognized as an innovator and technology leader, bringing best of breed software tools to each unique situation. We are proud to work with large, recognized businesses, associations and industry leaders, across the country.